Fixed Flange Towbar


In production for 50 years

Ideal for everyday and seasonal towing journeys

Ideal for blade type stabilisers and bike carriers which bolt behind the flange ball

Bumper protector plates can be fitted

Fixed to the vehicle at all times a with towbar electrics to the side of the ball


The fixed flange towbar is a quality towbar available with a larger choice of manufacturer. When an Alko type stabiliser is used, an Alko flange towball is required to ensure enough clearance to ensure safe and smooth operation of the stabiliser.

Fixed Flange Towbar

Detachable Flange Towbar


Rear design of the vehicle remains unchanged

Cam handle lock mechanism

D Lynch pin with a locking ring pressing against the pin

Towbar shaft inserts into the socket being secured by the welded cam lock anchor plate


This is designed for the motorist that prefer the detail of their car to be seen and the necessary towbar only when needed.

Detachable Flange Towbar

New Detachable


Invisible * Dependant upon make and model

Easy to Use and Minimal Maintenance

Detachable Towbar

Retractable Electric Sockets

Aesthetically Pleasing Solution for Executive Vehicles

Increased Security

Full VCA / RDW Approval


The new detachable - for the people who prefer to keep their secrets hidden.

New Detachable Towbar

Universal Wiring:

The company engineers will install Automotive Universal wiring for the electrics with your towbar. If you need dedicated electrical wiring, please call for a quote, or, at the time of making the booking installation, confirm that your wiring is to be ''Dedicated Wiring'. Dedicated wiring electrics are not the same price as the Universal Electrical wiring.

Dedicated Electrics

Why use a dedicated electrics kit?

• Has reliable connections which will run for many years
• Connection to the sockets in the vehicle are fast and simple
• Is complete with all required components and electronic modules
• Does not conflict with the vehicle electronics
• No risk to vehicle wiring
• High quality components

Vehicle Specific Wiring, sometimes known as 'dedicated wiring looms' or 'plug in kits', are becoming ever more popular for towbar wiring installation. To put it simply this is the way the job should be done.

Out of the thousands of cars on UK roads with towbars fitted, a high percentage are likely to have fitted towing electrics which are hidden from the car. This electrical installation is commonly called By-pass electrics. This means, in fact your car has no idea that it is towing.

Dedicated electrics are made specifically to work in conjunction with your vehicles electrics, some of the advantages are that this type of system informs your vehicle with features such as automatic fog light and parking sensor cut-out. A bypass relay is included in the kit where required. All dedicated electrics are supplied as full working kits with no need to purchase extra relays or wiring.

If the vehicle is less than 3 years old, or is still within it's manufacturers warranty, you would need vehicle specific wiring to protect that warranty. This is the option to protect that warranty.


Dedicated Electrics is the most comprehensive solution for vehicle towing that is available today.

Dedicated Wiring

Ford Transit Jumbo Step Range


Part number Major Jumbo 1 is a towing step bar

Part number Major Jumbo 2 is a non towing step bar

Part number Maxi Jumbo 3 is a non- towing step bar

Part number Maxi Jumbo 4 is a towing step bar

Part number Maxi Profile Jumbo 5 is a towing step bar


The Ford transit step range is the most comprehensive step bars available and is backed by high quality at an affordable price.

Ford Transit Step Range

Quick and Easy Access Solutions

TTSDMD is the Titan Double Step - Dimensions W=580mm - Tread Depth = 150mm approx - Finish BZP

TTSS/LH is single left hand - dimensions W=1250mm - Tread Depth= 140mm approx - Finish BZP and / or Black Dipped

TTSS/RH is single right hand - dimensions W=1250mm - Tread Depth= 140mm approx - Finish BZP and / or Black Dipped

TTSD is a double step - dimensions W= 800mm - Tread Depth = 145mm approx - Finish - BZP and / or Black Dipped

TTSD/HD is a HD Double Step - dimensions W=770mm - Tread Depth = 140mm approx - Finish - BZP and / or Black Dipped


SD/SUHD is a Super HD Double Step - Dimensions W= 790mm - Tread Depth= 175mm approx - Finish - Powder Coated Chassis Grey

These are high quality stepping bars requiring minimum fitting time  and provide a fast and easy solution for vehicle fitting.


Quick & Easy Access Solutions

Ball Pin and Jaw - 3.5 Ton

This is designed for a towing weight of 3.5 tons and is the ball pin and jaw.

3.5 Ton Ball Pin & Jaw

Ball Pin and Jaw - 1.5 Ton


This has a towing weight of 1.5 tons and is a ball pin and jaw mechanism.

1.5 Ton Ball Pin & Jaw

Bumper Plate Protector


This is a bumper dip painted black protection plate.

Bumper Plate Protector

Bumper Plate Protector


This is a bumper protection plate in stainless steel.

Bumper Plate Protector

Jims Towbar Ball Cover


This is a weatherproof tow ball covering.

Tow Ball Cover